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Where is Bonaire?


When we tell friends we are headed to Bonaire for another exciting diving adventure, the first thing we get asked is “where is Bonaire?”.  Bonaire is part of the ABC islands, located less than a hundred miles off the coast of Venezuela.  It’s less… Continue Reading “Where is Bonaire?”

Week-long travel with 2 pairs of shoes!

After a trip to Europe last year I vowed to change my ways and never, ever travel with more than a 22″ spinner. I recall one trip to Vegas were I had over 6 pairs of shoes for a 4-day trip. Those days are… Continue Reading “Week-long travel with 2 pairs of shoes!”

Eat, Drink and be Mexican…

Puerto Vallarta Beach

Our trip started with a drive to Denver through a blizzard. Always adds an element of excitement to any vacation. I’m glad to report we made it without incident. Have to thank my husband for the excellent driving. Coincidental, Chicago Blackhawks just happen to… Continue Reading “Eat, Drink and be Mexican…”

Camping in Nowhere,Utah

We headed west on our 1st camping trip of the season this past weekend. Ended up at Taylor Flats along the Green River. This is where Colorado and Utah meet, with Wyoming just to the North. Β It’s a vast and dry landscape. Only green… Continue Reading “Camping in Nowhere,Utah”

First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.