The mountains are calling and I must go. ~John Muir

Teal Lake

This past week was spent at 9,000 ft in Routt National Forest.  For us, it’s just an hour away from home, but far enough to avoid the massive crowds in our hometown.  I guess that is the downfall of living in paradise.

This was an area not explored by us before. At a recommendation of friends, we ran away and spent the weekend.  Temperatures were cool in the evenings and pleasant during the day. 

Hidden Lake, Colorado

Fishing was good, for the fish.  My husband ventured out into the lake on his “belly boat” and enjoyed the feisty trout.  We didn’t eat any since he believes we shouldn’t eat any trout before they reach adulthood (less than 14″); I don’t share that view, but he won. I’m told the fun is in the fight.

We were joined by our friends and their adorable T@B trailer while we still rough it in a tent.  I’ve been promised this is the last year and 2018 promises to be the year we upgrade to a little travel-trailer.

Back to the area. There are several lakes in this part of Routt National Forest. We attempted to hike up to Aqua Fria, but we weren’t prepared for a water crossing and didn’t make it.  Next trip we will have the right gear.  Grizzly Creek was looking good and fishable, but no bites.

A 9-mile ride took us to Hidden Lake.  This was a small lake with a nice little campground (9 sites); some right on the lake.  We marked it as a possible destination for a future date.

While we may be in the wild and being one with nature, we still enjoyed some amazing champagne and wines. Our friends brought the fabulous bubbly while we had the red from Portugal and Spain. Some things we just can’t live without…

Planning our next camping adventure.  Go, and enjoy our natural wonders.


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