Have Camper, will travel…


Well, after 2 years of research and much discussion, we finally did it. We upgraded our tent(s) to an RPod. Introducing to you Lilly Pad, our new travel trailer.

This was a very big step for the “purist” of the group (aka my husband). Unlike him, I was ready to have a real bed and even a shower during our many weekend camping adventures. I’m good with primitive, but every weekend, kinda over it.

Our maiden voyage was this past weekend at the Grand Mesa. While it rained, stormed and 55 degrees, we enjoyed a wonderful Portuguese Touriga National wine with cheese and other snacks, from the comfort of our brand new camper. Could I have done the same in a tent?  Of course, we did for the past 7 years, but this was so much better.

As we plan out our weekends, adding golf to our fishing trips, longer stays and of course, a wine tour somewhere in between. Even considering a cross-country adventure in the fall. We just extended our camping season by a month at each end. Super excited for all the future trips this will allow us to take. Stay tune. This is going to be fun!!

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The Chicken Divers Club is a group of friends that share the love for travel; diving enthusiasts, wine lovers and adventure seekers.

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