One Week, Two States, Two Mountains…


Left home caravan-style with our lovely friends and headed North to Wyoming. It was great to travel on a Sunday and avoid weekend traffic. Is it me or are we just traveling more and more. Can’t go anywhere without crowds… Well, that all changed when we arrived in northern Wyoming. We were greeted with an almost empty campground surrounded by beautiful pines, a huge lake and what I thought was a river, which ended up being “just” a creek.

Martinis were shaken, not stirred; espresso martinis to be exact. We sure know how to camp. While enjoying the beauty around us, Nick and Bill took to Boulder Creek in hopes to catch dinner. Fish were plentiful, but not the right size I’m told, so we had steak instead. While in the area, we also enjoyed a great hike to Blueberry Lake. Somehow “we” forgot the great Forest Service map “we” bought for this trip and didn’t have the information necessary to know how far the lake was. After 2.5hours, 1,100ft altitude gain, we missed the lake. But, the hike was wonderful. The views incredible. Next time, we will make sure the necessary maps are packed. We left mid-week in order to miss the eclipse crowd.  We will have to come back and explore some more of the Jim Bridger National Forest/Wilderness. Beautiful area with much to see.

And then, we headed to the Flat Tops.


For a quick overnight trip, we ran away to the Flat Tops/Routt National Forest. Surprisingly enough, found a great camp spot overlooking Flat Top Mountain (Alt. 12,354ft). Bear Lake provided us with some rainbow and brook trout. Finally, fresh fish for dinner.

We felt inspired, and decided to hike to Hooper and Keener lakes (Hike the Boat – info source). How bad could it be?! Well, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone not in “decent” shape and definitely not for small children. While most of it is moderate climbing, towards the “bowl” it gets fairly steep and if you don’t watch your step, you will come down the mountain fairly quickly. The views from the top are incredible.

We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world.

We are taking a couple of weeks off from exploring. Our baby is going back to school (college), so no camping adventures this weekend.


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