Pool deck with sunset and palm trees

These last two years have made traveling more fluid. For those of us that need to plan and research our vacations to the last detail, this is very irksome. But, then again, how can you complain about spending 10 days in beautiful Cozumel. Our original plan was to go to the island of Curacao; part of the A B C Islands. But restrictions and requirements at the time of booking our trip, would not fit into our schedule, so we went with Plan B; Cozumel. Why not!!

We booked the Occidental Cozumel once again. In 2021, my husband and I had visited the resort and enjoyed our stay very much. We enjoyed it so much that we persuaded our friends to join us in 2022. The location is ideal to access most of our favorite dive sites. The staff and service was wonderful, food options were great, especially the preferred restaurants. Dinner buffet could go up a notch, but that is probably the only complain I have about the resort. I did noticed this year, they had improved on their wine choices. For us wine drinkers, they get major brownie points for going to a Spanish table wine that is easy to drink.

4 people on the beach with boats and sunset
Sunset dinner at Alberto’s Beach Club

For several reasons, we decided to book our dives with a outfitter outside the resort. We had booked with We B Divin last year also, and didn’t even think twice on booking with them again this year. They have an amazing crew, great boat and the best lunch between dives! Discloser: you have to pay $3/daily per person for dock fee to the In-house dive shop.

Here are some of my favorite images captured by our friend Jo.

video curtesy of fellow diver James Patrick Kent (we r the ones in pink, yellow & blue fins)

There is more to Cozumel than beaches and diving, and this time we actually drove around the island and explored the Mayan Ruins. Of all the times we have visited the island, this was the first time visiting the Ruins of San Gervasio.

According to the government site, from the year 1000, with the emergence of Chichen Itza as the great political and economic center of the peninsula, the site became part of an increasingly intense economic network, which would lead it to become the great city that it was from 1200 AD During the late Postclassic (1200 – 1450 AD), most of the buildings that can be seen today were built, establishing a network of smaller communities, dependent on San Gervasio and located throughout the island.

Spanish chroniclers refer to the various Mayan settlements that existed in Cozumel upon their arrival, linking them to the cult of the goddess Ixchel, patron saint of medicine, childbirth, and weaving. However, these references correspond to a currently destroyed site, which was located on the site of the current city of San Miguel de Cozumel, where the oracle dedicated to this goddess was located. In San Gervasio no archaeological evidence has been found that relates it to the cult of Ixchel. Here are some images from the site.

More images from our drive around the island:

… And another wonderful vacation comes to an end. Cozumel is always an easy get-a-way. We enjoyed the hospitality, the food, the weather and most of all, the people. But next, we go explorer this big world we live in. We will return, but not right away. Not because it’s not wonderful, but because we enjoy new destinations. Hasta luego!

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