Pre-Vacation To Do Checklist – 5 Day Countdown

If you read previous posts, you know that at this stage, my bag is packed and zipped. The checklist I’m talking about today, is the pre vacation to-dos.

Before leaving on any extended trip, I make sure I leave certain things done at home so that upon returning I don’t need to step into housekeeping mode on day 1. Of course, if you are lucky to have a cleaning service, skip to Number 4!

The checklist, it’s actually more of mental notes that I check off as I go along before travel day. This way, when I’m sunbathing under a palm tree sipping my fruity drink, I don’t think about anything other than my current situation.

Number One: Laundry – don’t know about you, but I do not want to return from tropical paradise and have to start my washing machine so that I have clothes to wear to work the next day. Talk about a buzz kill!

Number Two: Kitchen, especially the refrigerator. I always empty out fridge night before garbage day so that everything is gone from the house prior to leaving and all is clean. I guess we start eating out a couple of days prior to vacation! Dang.

Number Three: Changing Linens – as much as I enjoy vacations, and I really do, I do love to return home to my comfortable bed. Having fresh clean linens is so much more inviting. Kind of priority, even if it’s number three on this list.

Number Four: Detail Car – ok, it may sound total over the top, but I love leaving on a road trip or on my ride to the airport on a clean vehicle. It sets the stage. Not sure what stage, but it makes me happy!

Number Five: Water Plants – almost forgot this one. But then again, I only need to add a couple of ice cubes to the cactus plant I have managed to not kill.

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I really believe that a bit of effort up front, makes all the difference in the end.

Do you have a checklist you follow prior to your trips? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Travels everyone!

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