Planning Out 2022 Adventures

It’s been a bit since our last post. Year-end was a hectic one; family, holidays, and just life in general. Now, after having some time to recharge, we are excited to start planning our 2022 adventures. But first, how much stuff does a couple need?!

Started the year by assessing our closet situation and inventorying all our travel stuff. We just have too much; the word for 2022 is “REDUCE”. Took about 2 full weekends to organize our storage areas. Felt great to actually be able to see what we had for travel gear versus having it fall on me when opening a closet door. Donated, purged all the extras, duplicates and discarded older items we were storing for no parent reason. I don’t know if you are like me. I buy something new to replace a piece that I don’t use anymore, but never throw away the item being replaced (insert roll eyes emoji). Now, I can easily pick the items I need. Feels great to be organized. Less is more, for sure.

Next, take out the calendars, match up with vacation days and plan out dive vacation, camping and fishing escapades.

Diving Cozumel June 2021

Our original plans were for us to take a dive vacation in the spring to Curacao. Some in our group have been there a couple of times. I joined the group a bit after those trips and missed out. We have been to Bonaire several times as a group and loved that part of the world. But, current COVID-19 restrictions and mandates has us not wanting to deal with it during vacation. While I do understand their precaution measures, I don’t want to deal with it. I know sometime in the future we will have other opportunities to visit Curacao. Until then, Plan B started to take shape and we decided to go to Cozumel instead. While my husband and I were there last June, the rest of the group hasn’t been back since 2013. So, I’m sure a good time will be had by all.

Dive boat on the water

Will be returning to Occidental Cozumel and diving with We B Divin Cozumel. Doing a 10 day stay this time. A week can be too short, two weeks is too long, I think a 10-day vacation is the Goldilocks of vacation time frames.

Sunset on Lake Mary Ronan
Lake Mary Ronan, MT

Following our dive trip, our younger son will be getting married in Montana. The couple chose Lake Mary Ronan as the backdrop to this wonderful event. This small lake is just 30 miles west of Flathead Lake in northern Montana. While we have been to Glacier NP several years ago, this area of Montana will be a new area for us to explorer. The Lodge will be our home for the week leading up to the wedding. We will have an RV site a short walk from the lake shore since we opted to travel with our RPOD. The actual wedding will be hosted at Camp Tuffit; a favorite spot for the bride and her family. Camp Tuffit is also along the shores of Lake Mary Ronan. The towns of Polson to the south and Kalispell to the north are just around 30 miles from camp. Fishing opportunities will be all around us. Bill is hard at work tying some extra flies for the trip. The plan right now is for me to fly home after the festivities and the RPod and my husband will stay exploring the area a bit longer. To say I’m a bit jealous is an understatement. But these are the challenges facing us while I work and my husband is enjoying this first year of retirement.

These two trips will take us to mid-summer. After that, we will probably spend most of our time around Colorado and enjoy weekend trips in our own back yard.

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