Mexico Escape

Just returning from our first trip since January 2020. We have taken road trips around the western U.S., but this was our first trip that involved flying, and an international destination. For the most part, it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Everything was pretty much flying-as-usual, just with a mask.

Our flight was 4 hours, direct flight, from Denver to Cozumel, Mexico. No cocktail service; probably the only complain I have. People need to behave so we can bring back in-flight cocktail service, please!!

We stayed at the Occidental Cozumel Hotel. We opted for Deluxe Concierge level accommodations. I don’t think the rooms were that much different from the basic deluxe room, just an added reception with private check-in and check-out, and Royal and Concierge buildings are towards the beach and pool areas. For an additional fee, we could have upgraded to Royal level, which would have given us a private pool and additional restaurant. But, we were happy with what we had booked.

The rooms are in separate pods/buildings, surrounded by very lush tropical forest. There are 3 floors in each building with at least 4 rooms in each of the floors. Loved the layout. There is a bit of walking to and from the restaurants, bars and beach. It is a large resort, but the walk is made very pleasant by all the plants and birds around. Plus, an opportunity to walk-off those adult beverages.

We dove 3 days with We-B-Divin Cozumel. This was the first time diving with this operator. They picked us up at the resort dock (disclaimer: you have to pay the onsite dive shop $3 for each person being picked up by any outside operator). Loved the service provided by the crew of We-B-Divin; Manuel, Otto and Yasser. The reef looked amazing. Lots of fish. Very healthy.

video courtesy of James Patrick Kent

In talking to the locals, the island was hit pretty hard economically by Covid-19 in the past year. But everyone was happy to see all the returning tourists arriving by plane and ferry. Cruises were set to return June 16th. Hoping 2021 brings economic growth for the area. Beautiful and warm people; always welcoming.

Just a short walk along the beach from our resort, we ventured out a couple of times to enjoy the good vibes at Alberto’s Beach Restaurant. This place is the perfect setting for a sunset dinner, right on the beach. Great food and even better service. The seafood platter for two was amazing.

video courtesy of James Patrick Kent

We had missed Cozumel. Our last trip to the island was in February 2013. We promise not to stay away this long again. A very relaxing time was had by all. Beautiful water, great weather, lovely people! We will be back soon.

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