What do you want for Valentine’s Day? ~ A plane ticket.

Happy New Year everyone. As we put away our respective holiday decorations, retailers across the country have already moved on and are now focusing on Valentine’s Day. Telling us we have to buy more stuff for our significant others, and our pets. Do we really need more stuff? Be honest with yourself, do you?

I love gifts as much as anyone, but a dozen roses at Valentine’s Day equates to a one night stay at a 3-star hotel somewhere. So, I’ve advised my husband that I don’t expect gifts or flowers; save the money for traveling. Of course that also means we skip buying for birthday, anniversaries, etc… (for each other; we aren’t total scrooges) That’s personal decision; it doesn’t work for all. At this time in our lives we both want more travel and less “stuff”.

So, here we are… where to in 2019?! Are you making your lists?

Our maiden voyage with Lily Pad @ Grand Mesa, CO (July 2017)

In 2018 we recorded 40 camping days. We decided not to travel abroad in 2018 and focused on road trips. We hiked, camped, fished and golf. Now, on to 2019 travels. Where to go? How to miss the crowds? Decisions, decisions!

Our first trip of the year takes us to Southern California. We haven’t been there since our honeymoon in 2013. That’s like forever in doggy years!

Wild Horse Winery– Templeton, CA

Trip will be a special one; more than a getaway. Will be reacquainting trip for some and introduction for others. Looking forward to trying some good wine and eating great food while finally getting to meet some family members. A perfect combination for a great trip. And, should the California weather cooperate, we might be able to sneak in a game of golf.

Where are you traveling to this year? Any good camping ideas that you want to keep between us? I promise not to share with the world.

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The Chicken Divers Club is a group of friends that share the love for travel; diving enthusiasts, wine lovers and adventure seekers.

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