“Growing old can be fun, if you do it with the right people.”

Golf Course

Chicken Divers Club members, with the exception of a few, had a reunion this past weekend in St. George, UT. We surprised one of our own celebrating a big birthday. To said that he was surprised, would be an understatement. He had no idea friends and family would be traveling all this way for his birthday weekend.

Our base camp was Sand Hollow State Park  . Some of us camped, others stayed at near by resorts. The camping facility was great, and just steps away from our site, was the lake. Our group was on the West Side. Lots of activities if you are so inclined; fishing, boating, paddle boarding… We could hear the buggies on the Sandpit side, so that was another option, if you wanted to play in the sand. You can even get your diving certification on the lake; dive shop right there. Not something you think of, when you think Utah!

A couple of brave souls went into the water; water temperature was 67! I just took pictures. I couldn’t get the water past my knees. The water was crystal clear with red stone formations coming up; beautiful! Did I mention the water was cold? Air temperature was 91.


On the birthday day, we went out for a nice dinner. Drove into St. George and dined at Red Mountain Resort – Canyon Breeze Restaurant. I will start by saying the setting was gorgeous; the red cliffs all around us, the landscaping throughout the resort, sunset… just about perfect. The food is on the healthy side, since it is a spa/retreat type of resort. That being said, they had a great salad bar and a few choices for dinner that were delicious with some creative sides. Service was outstanding. Cocktails, unless you don’t mind “wine-based spirits”, stick to regular wine and beer. The wine selection was surprisingly good. Utah does have some odd liquor laws, so if you are traveling to the state, bring your own wine or favorite adult beverage!


Lots to do in the area; great mountain biking, hiking and golf. Zion and Bryce are close by too. Birthday boy and friends enjoyed a round of golf at the beautiful Sky Mountain Golf Course while others cooled down by the pool; I guess there are advantages of being spread out into diverse accommodations.

It was wonderful to spend the long weekend outside. Just enjoying the company of friends and family while surrounded by the natural beauty of Utah.009-EFFECTS.jpg

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The Chicken Divers Club is a group of friends that share the love for travel; diving enthusiasts, wine lovers and adventure seekers.

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