Road Tripping – From CO to TN and all states in between…

Arkansas River

This past month we took off and headed East. Our week-long trip took us and our travel-trailer through Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and back to Colorado; nine days and 3,050 miles. It was wonderful to go through the different states and see this part of the country that we had not gone to. Yes, I even loved Nebraska.

I have this crazy idea that I need to go to all 50 states. I started out on this trip with 12 to go, now I’m down to 9. Nebraska was one of those states, I heard you could skip, because much like Kansas, it was mostly prairie land and not much to see. I have to disagree with those that are of that opinion. I saw beautiful fields filled with sunflowers, corn and what I didn’t know was sorghum (milo). Thanks Lori and Valerie for educating me.

In Nebraska we stayed at the Louisville State Park, just outside of Lincoln, NE. Pretty park with a nice lake and general store. Every available TV, in every trailer, camper and RV, was tuned to the football game. I guess they love their college football. The park was fine, only a bit noisy since the train to/from the cement plant, just outside the park, runs most of the night. Otherwise, nice area. Our intentions were to stay a couple of nights and golf in the area, but the weather was not that good, so we decided to head to our next location a day early. On our way out of Nebraska to Iowa, we drove through the quaint little town of Plattsmouth; adorable downtown.

Our next stop was Troy, Missouri. We stayed at Cuivre River State Park; a great park with tons of campsites and a great beachy area for water activities. Found ourselves a great golf course and enjoyed the Missouri hospitality before heading on to Nashville, TN.

Time in Nashville was spent with family and fellow Chicken Divers Club members, and being tourists. We enjoyed the honky-tonks along Broadway and the talent playing in these bars. It makes one question, how good to you actually have to be to make it in this business?! Loved visiting the Bluebird Cafe; didn’t really know what to expect. Have to say, it was wonderful. Loved the small venue and how close and intimate you are with the artists; their catfish dinner wasn’t bad either. Buy your tickets in advance, otherwise you may not get in. I guess, need to go watch Nashville (TV show). Time to say goodbye to our friends and family. A great time was had by all. Until we visit again.

On the road again… We took the southern route home and our first stop was Ozark, AR. (Aux Arc Park) Lovely spot along the Arkansa River. Wish we had more time to spend here. Camp host was wonderful lady (Diane) that saved us a spot, just in case we did show up. There are still nice strangers left in the world.

Can I just say, Oklahoma, you need to fix your roads! If you going to charge a toll, at least have semi-decent roads. I’m just glad that everything in our travel-trailer was tied down.

Wilson State Park
Wilson State Park

A quick overnight at Wilson State Park in Kansas and back home to the mountains of Colorado sunday evening. While we enjoyed the entire trip, it’s always wonderful to head west on I-70 and see the beautiful Rocky Mountains with a touch of gold from all the aspen trees.

Yes, taking a plane would have been easier, quicker and even cheaper, but while you wait in the TSA line, you don’t see the countryside. You don’t go over those old bridges over the Missouri or the Mississippi rivers. You don’t experience those small towns, some nice, some not so nice. I think that is why I love road trips, it’s not just the destination, it’s all that you see along the way. Not all is perfect. Some towns are really run-down and abandoned. But all of it is part of the experience.

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