Week-long travel with 2 pairs of shoes!

After a trip to Europe last year I vowed to change my ways and never, ever travel with more than a 22″ spinner. I recall one trip to Vegas were I had over 6 pairs of shoes for a 4-day trip. Those days are over and I will not be that person… I swear!  Really.

I experimented with this foreign concept on a recent trip to Mexico. I’m happy to report, the mission was successful. Ladies, we can do it.

I guess the key to my success was the number of shoes I packed. I wore the bulky shoes on the plane and only packed two (2) flip flops; one beachy and one dressy. Of course this was a beach vacation and you end up spending your days in bathing suits and cover-ups; both of which don’t really take up much space.

Some of you will say “…what’s the big deal? Been doing this forever”. Well, for me it’s a hardship. I use to travel with beach outfits, afternoon outfits and of course, cute evening outfits. Three outfits per day for seven days, it adds up and you are looking at 50 lbs. bag. Who really needs that? Are the extra clothes really the important part? Don’t take me wrong, I still like the cute outfits and all. But I think it’s more about the experience and enjoying where you are than how you look. And yes, there are the obligatory photos that your friends and family will see; I’m as vain as the next person. Still think we need to be smart when traveling. This new me is not going to worry about the “look”. Still going to have my cute outfits, just not as many. Pack accessories, jewelry or scarfs, not as bulky. I packed a few tops to go with solid capris; worked great. Mix-match and recycle is my new thing.  I know… Recycle while on vacation? It can be done. It’s not a fashion show. It’s about the experience. It’s liberating to not be so focused on clothes or “stuff”.

When it comes to travel, it should be about the experiences we share with those traveling with us or those we visit while traveling. This may not work in every instance, but, I’m going to give it a try.  You might too. Happy travels.

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2 thoughts on “Week-long travel with 2 pairs of shoes!

  1. Haha!! Great post!! On my recently trip to New York and Las Vegas, due to the weather difference, I had over 3 different type of coats/jacket with me on the trip…. I really really do not want to have to do that ever again..!! My husband and I have started a travel blog, check it out if you have time 😀


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